French polishing is the process of applying shellac dissolved in methylated spirit. As furniture restorers and French polishers of mostly antique pieces we apply this by hand, paying close attention to patina & value. Here are a few examples of our work.

To receive a free estimate all you need to do is email us pictures with a brief description of the work required. We will endeavor to respond to your enquiry within 24 hours. Alternately you could phone us on

07798 640 629

Or bring the item/items over for an appraisal. We recommend you telephone before setting out on a journey.

Examples of French Polishing

Here are a few examples of pieces we have French polished over the years, however we always recommend a visit to our showroom or workshop.
If you are looking to have a modern piece French Polished we can do this as well, visit our Modern Finishes.

Regency Rosewood Breakfast Table

This Regency rosewood breakfast table has brass inlay with nice patination, however it had been damaged over time. Attention to detail had to be taken ensuring the new brass inlay and missing rosewood when applied did not compromise the lovely colour which had built up over a couple of hundred years.

Patina: Patina can be best described as the history of a piece mirrored in its surface colour and shine. If a piece is sanded or badly handle to remove an old finish this can destroy the patination and with it the story of time, which in turn affects value. Therefore a full inspection and appraisal of a piece is essential when evaluating approach. We mix our own colours and polishes depending on the required outcome. A sensible approach to restore old and antique pieces can benefit your wallet and the environment as well.

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