Objets De Vertu Miscellaneous

A rare and beautiful dinner gong, an Eagle catching a snake cast in bronze and stamped with makers mark WT&S.

Circa 1880’s


approximate height 25 inches (64cm)
approximate width 12 inches (30cm)
approximate depth 10 inches (25cm)

W. Tonks & Sons, Manufacturer of architectural hardware, art metalware, campaign metalware, ecclesiastical metalwork and an early fabricator of decorative patterned tubes. The Tonks family surname is the lists of Birmingham founders before the 1800s. William Tonks founded this firm in 1789. They won gold medals at the 1851 and 1862 Exhibitions in London and in 1855 at Paris The larger factory in Moseley Street was opened in the early 1860s .
(By 1869 they had developed the eight-pointed ‘sun’ trade mark showing two eyes and a mouth, (as is the mark on this piece). Later the ‘WT&S’ initials were sometimes inserted instead for the marks on some items but other items had a smaller, empty sun on items designed in the 1900s.



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